Diego Robirosa

I am interested in simple things; how to feel well, how to be happy and contented with who I am. I am also curious, inquisitive, I like exploring, discovering areas of myself which are dormant and bring them out, get to know them, play, twist, tweak, develop them.

The Eastern practices with their wisdom, subtleties and its beautiful poetry provided me with the ‘kit’ I needed to start getting a grip on myself and life. I arrived to this after a prolonged period where things were OK, but an underlying unhappiness, a feeling of emptiness, was forever present. I was also, needless to say, unfit.

Once I started practising Tai Chi, slowly but surely things got better, I gained a sense of direction, clarity was not an unattainable thing looming on the horizon, and I felt ten times fitter! From there onwards it was easy, follow that path and enjoy. There are always obstacles, diversions, hesitations, and the dreadful return to old patterns. A wise master and some excellent teachers kept me on track till I developed my own self-discipline, till I reached that point of no return.

I like to think that I could help you to arrive to a similar place. Help you on your journey, help you to feel well, at ease with yourself and others, fit in mind, body and spirit.

All I ask for is commitment, patience, perseverance and trust in me and yourself. It is good to be practical, to set
no-nonsense targets. The first one is to do with time. How long? Give yourself six months of regular practice, then reassess. My master always use to say ‘you only need one car’. You will by the end of the six months know if this is ‘your car’.

I practise Shiatsu at The Sudbury Physiotherapy Centre in Sudbury. Previously I worked at Whipps Cross Hospital, Leytonstone, London, giving Shiatsu to people going through and/or recovering from cancer treatment and at St Mary’s Hospital in Kettering, Northamptonshire treating people with acute mental health conditions.

I run regular Qigong workshops at Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge. The sessions are adapted to individual needs and have proved beneficial particularly in helping people to release anxiety, learn to relax and connect with body, mind and spirit.

I also work at schools and sixth form colleges delivering Tai Chi/Qigong inset programmes for staff and workshops for students.