Diego’s classes are a joy. His teaching is calm and relaxed with clear explanations of positions and attention to detail. I would highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to start Tai Chi or anyone who has done it in the past and wanting to take it up again.


Even with two left feet, dodgy sense of balance & co-ordination coupled to movement memory blanks, Diego can teach YOU.  It is grounding,  calming and fun and one’s balance is greatly improved. Can’t recommend too highly,  TRY IT.


I have been attending classes with Diego since January ( initially to improve my balance, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s ). I really enjoy the weekly class and find Diego is very friendly and his teaching methods are very clear. He has a lot of patience – which I really need!


I wish I had began Tai Chi years ago.  Just after a few months, my whole body feels younger, the aches and pains in my joints have gone, I sleep much better, I feel a lot calmer in my self and have more get up and go.  Diego teaches in a very calm and precise way that gives you a desire to learn and welcomes you into his flock that are also very friendly.  I would recommend Tai Chi to anyone, any age.


For several years I have had Shiatsu treatments with Diego from time to time. It has always benefitted me in restoring a physical and mental balance, and recently has helped me a lot in regaining energy and motivation after a lingering winter illness.


Diego has a wonderfully calm and warm approach, and truly works with the whole person taking in physical, mental and emotional needs.  I would recommend Shiatsu in general and Diego in particular to anyone.


Shiatsu massage enabled me to relax enough to re balance my emotions. To let go of deeply buried emotions so I could feel brighter, lighter and have a lovely sense of wellbeing.
A very pleasant and healing massage experience.
 Thank you.

Beth Salmon

I have been going to Qigong classes run by Diego Robirosa in Sudbury, Suffolk for several years now. He is an excellent teacher – calm yet encouraging, and always introduces something new and interesting into the classes, whether this information about martial arts, or ying and yang, or which parts of the body are improved by certain movements, I think I have learnt a lot! Unfortunately I am now suffering from a knee injury (my own fault, nothing to do with Diego) so am not able to go to classes, but I hope to return soon.
I really miss that special time and space.


Just what I was looking for on resuming exercise after gap. Gentle, calming, gradual progression with concise explanations. Join now!


Diego Robirosa runs a happy class. His instructions/demonstrations are very clear, helpful and safe. He encourages us to push ourselves a little while respecting our limitations and obviously enjoys Qigong himself.