Tai Chi – Qigong for students

Workshops for students to learn and develop exercises based on breathing techniques, Qigong (pronounced Chee Kung) and Tai Chi principles. Workshops range from a minimum of 1 1/2 hours to a half or full day.

The aim is to improve well-being and self-confidence by learning how to relax, keep good levels of energy and focus the mind, leading to improve academic performance.

During my teaching at schools I’ve witnessed the high levels of demands and stress which students are exposed to in the build up to exams.

This series of workshops provides a powerful antidote to pre-exam stress and enables students to face this difficult stage in a more calm and confident way.

Workshops cover the following:

  • posture alignment
  • stretching exercises
  • moving and still Qigong
  • introduction to the short Yang style Tai Chi Form
  • breathing exercises
  • meditation
  • advice on how to incorporate daily practice in our everyday lives.

Students should wear loose, comfortable clothing with no requirement for additional equipment – just a keen attitude and an open mind.

I have worked at both, Primary and Secondary schools in Suffolk and have seen the positive effect that Tai Chi/Qigong has for students. Students enjoy these workshops and are often surprised by how much fun these sessions are. As an ex-school teacher myself I am aware that the fun element is crucial to engage students and get the most out of them. Enjoyment and fun are at the heart of my teaching.

Tai Chi/Qigong has good cross-curricular links with PE, Biology, Geography, History, Philosophy and PSHE.