Shiatsu-Qigong for older people

Personalised exercise for older people

I will work with you to help you adopt a more relaxed, healthier and balanced approach to life, improve energy levels and re-connect with your body

One to one bespoke sessions at your home to help with balance, flexibility, strengthening of joints, muscles and overall wellbeing. You will feel physically more mobile, more energised, more balanced and more able to cope with things in everyday life.

Also available gentle treatments/massage (fully dressed) targeting relevant pressure points plus limb rotations and stretches to keep supple and in good health.

I teach Tai Chi and Qigong in Sudbury and run bespoke classes for people with MS and stroke. I also run regular Qigong sessions at Arthur Rank Hospice in Cambridge. I run a Shiatsu clinic in Sudbury based at The Sudbury Physiotherapy Centre.

Shiatsu for elders